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RoGallery.com, New York, USA

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47-15 36th Street
Long Island City
New York
United States



+001 718.937.0901



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RoGallery.com is an established art dealer and gallery in the New York City area. In business for over 30 years, we are active fine art buyers & sellers and frequently hold online live art auctions and timed auctions. We occupy a 10,000 square foot building that holds our extensive collection of select artworks of original paintings, graphics, photographs, & sculpture. Browsing through this site you will find our collection of over 5000 artists.

Customers that are within driving distance or visiting New York City are encouraged to visit our gallery. The gallery is by appointment, please contact us with the artworks you are interested in and time and then we can tailor your experience. New items are brought into our gallery everyday. We are always interested in Estates, Private, and Corporate Collections. We offer to our customers consignment options, in-house packing & shipping, framing, trading, and appraisals.

We are always interested in purchasing artworks. The artists' on this site are a few of the artist's we would consider purchasing, for the current list of artist's not on our site that we are seeking works by, click here.
If you are interested in selling us your artwork, please email us a picture of the art that you have with all information available: artist's name, size, an image of the signature, year, contact information for yourself, and provenance of the piece. The director will get back to you as soon as we receive this information.



Artists Represented

Marina Abramovic
Valerio Adami
Yaakov Agam
Josef Albers
Muhammad Ali
Clavé Antoni
Richard Anuskiewicz
Karel Appel
Alexander Archipenko
Martin Barooshian
Leonard Baskin
Herbert Bayer
Romare Bearden
Thomas Hart Benton
Miguel Berrocal
Max Bill
Ilya Bolotowsky
Fernando Botero
Alexander Calder
Mary Cassatt
Baldaccini César
Marc Chagall
Sandro Chia
Eduardo Chillida
Javacheff Christo
William Copley
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Robert Cottingham
Jose Luis Cuevas
Allan d'Arcangelo
Piero d'Orazio
Salvador Dali
Gene Davis

Willem De Kooning
Jean Dubuffet
Max Ernst
Romain de Tirtoff Erte
Richard Estes
Leonor Fini
Erich Fischl
Gunther Forg
Sam Francis
Helen Frankenthaler
Johnny Friedlaender
Claisse Genevieve
Alberto Giacometti
Adolph Gottlieb
Red Grooms
George Grosz
Keith Haring
David Hockney
Howard Hodgkin
Gordon House
Louis Icart
Lee Jaffe
Riopelle Jean Paul
Paul Jenkins
Kiki Kogelnik
Kathe Kollwitz
Jeff Koons
Nicholas Krushenick
Jacob Lawrence
Fernand Leger
Richard Lindner
Marino Marini
Roberto Matta
Peter Max

Joan Miro
Alphonse Mucha
Reuben Nakian
Lowell Nesbitt
Louise Nevelson
Claes Oldenburg
Dennis Oppenheim
Mimmo Paladino
Max Papart
Philip Pearlstein
Pablo Picasso
Robert Rauschenberg
Larry Rivers
James Rosenquist
Georges Rouault
Edward Ruscha
Donald Saff
David Salle
Gilliam Sam
Colin Self
Nicola Simbari
Raphael Soyer
Donald Sultan
Antoni Tapies
Victor Vasarely
Andy Warhol
Tom Wesselmann
Paul Wunderlich
C. J. Yao
Adja Yunkers
Anders Zorn
Larry Zox
Francisco Zuniga

Artists on OriginalPrints

Valerio Adami (2)
Yaakov Agam (45)
Anni Albers (4)
Josef Albers (36)
Muhammad Ali (6)
Stanley Anderson (1)
Clavé Antoni (1)
Tapies Antoni (2)
Anuskiewicz Richard Anuskiewicz (14)
Richard Anuskiewicz (11)
Karel Appel (16)
(Armand Fernandez) Arman (15)
Hans Arp (1)
Tadashi Asoma (1)
Elvira Bach (2)
Walter Bachinsky (3)
William Bailey (2)
Enrico Baj (20)
Ada Balcacer (1)
Clive Barker (1)
Will Barnet (6)
Martin Barooshian (9)
Jennifer Bartlett (2)
Francesco Bartolozzi (1)
Leonard Baskin (8)
Rudolf Bauer (1)
Herbert Bayer (1)
Ed Baynard (2)
Romare Bearden (5)
Hans Bellmer (12)
Ross Bleckner (1)
Ilya Bolotowsky (9)
Jonathan Borofsky (1)
Georges Braque (4)
James Brooks (1)
Bernard Buffet (5)

Alexander Calder (1)
Mary Cassatt (3)
Baldaccini César (2)
Marc Chagall (3)
Louisa Chase (3)
Mikhail Chemiakin (9)
Sandro Chia (2)
Javacheff Christo (1)
Antoni Clave (1)
William Copley (7)
Guillaume Corneille (10)
Carlos Cruz-Diez (1)
Jose Luis Cuevas (12)
Allan d'Arcangelo (10)
Piero d'Orazio (1)
Salvador Dali (26)
Gene Davis (15)
Willem De Kooning (1)
Jean Dubuffet (2)
Romain de Tirtoff Erte (9)
Ralph Gibson (1)
Adolph Gottlieb (3)
Red Grooms (6)
Richard Haas (7)
Keith Haring (5)
Stanley William Hayter (3)
Al Hirschfeld (8)
David Hockney (2)
Howard Hodgkin (1)
John Hultberg (2)
K.B. Hwang (2)
Louis Icart (1)
Robert Indiana (33)
John Kacere (5)
Alex Katz (1)
Kiki Kogelnik (12)

Jeff Koons (1)
Mark Kostabi (8)
Nicholas Krushenick (9)
Gerald Laing (3)
Jacob Lawrence (3)
Fernand Leger (1)
Roy Lichtenstein (4)
Richard Lindner (10)
Conrad Marca Relli (6)
Andre Masson (1896-1987) (1)
Roberto Matta (13)
Peter Max (18)
Joan Miro (14)
Robert Motherwell (4)
Reuben Nakian (25)
Leroy Neiman (10)
Lowell Nesbitt (7)
Louise Nevelson (7)
Claes Oldenburg (1)
Dennis Oppenheim (17)
Mimmo Paladino (10)
Philip Pearlstein (3)
Pablo Picasso (109)
Mel Ramos (67)
Robert Rauschenberg (2)
Omar Rayo (1)
James Rosenquist (1)
David Row (1)
Andres Serrano (1)
Ben Shahn (2)
Jesus Raphael Soto (1)
George Tooker (1)
Victor Vasarely (7)
Andy Warhol (3)
Tom Wesselmann (7)

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