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Lynn Chadwick (1914-2003)

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Cloaked Figure
 Lynn Chadwick 

Cloaked Figure - click to enlarge

 Lynn Chadwick 

Encounter - click to enlarge

Figure on Beige Ground
 Lynn Chadwick 

Figure on Beige Ground - click to enlarge

 Lynn Chadwick 

Hammacher - click to enlarge

Homage to Picasso
 Lynn Chadwick 

Homage to Picasso - click to enlarge

Reclining Figure on a Green Wave
 Lynn Chadwick 

Reclining Figure on a Green Wave - click to enlarge

Seated Figures on Stripes II
 Lynn Chadwick 

Seated Figures on Stripes II  - click to enlarge

Standing Figure
 Lynn Chadwick 

Standing Figure - click to enlarge

Two Sitting Figures On Stripes
 Lynn Chadwick 

Two Sitting Figures On Stripes  - click to enlarge

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Born in London in 1914 Lynn Chadwick trained at the Merchant Taylor School of Architecture and worked as architectural draughtsman before becoming an artist.

Lynn Chadwick gained international recognition in 1956 when he won the International Prize for Sculpture at the XXVIII Venice Biennale. Although best known as a sculptor Chadwick was also an accomplished printmaker and his work can be seen in both the Tate and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Lynn Chadwick died in 2003.


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