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Elisabeth Frink (1930-1993)

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'Grey Horse Head'
 Elisabeth Frink 

'Grey Horse Head' - click to enlarge

'Spinning Man V11'
 Elisabeth Frink 

'Spinning Man V11' - click to enlarge

 Elisabeth Frink 

Bear  - click to enlarge

 Elisabeth Frink 

Coriolanus - click to enlarge

Herring Gull
 Elisabeth Frink 

Herring Gull - click to enlarge

 Elisabeth Frink 

Horse - click to enlarge

I flew through a black cloud
 Elisabeth Frink 

I flew through a black cloud - click to enlarge

Long-Eared Owl
 Elisabeth Frink 

Long-Eared Owl - click to enlarge

 Elisabeth Frink 

Panther - click to enlarge

Rolling over Horse
 Elisabeth Frink 

Rolling over Horse - click to enlarge

Snowy Owl
 Elisabeth Frink 

Snowy Owl - click to enlarge

Tawny Owl
 Elisabeth Frink 

Tawny Owl - click to enlarge

The Prioress's Tale
 Elisabeth Frink 

The Prioress's Tale - click to enlarge

Water Buffalo
 Elisabeth Frink 

Water Buffalo - click to enlarge

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Dame Elisabeth Frink was born in Thurlow, Suffolk in 1930. She studied Guilford School of Art and Chelsea School of Art, where she was taught by Bernard Meadows. Frink went on to teach at St Martins School of Art, Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art.
Elisabeth Frink was one of Britains leading post war sculptors and her achievments were recognised in 1969 when she was awarded a CBE and again in 1982 when she was made a Dame of the British Empire.
Men, Horses, Dogs and Birds were Frink's subject matter throughout her career and this is true of her prints as well as her sculpture.
Elisabeth Frink exhibited worldwide and her work is included in all major collections of 20th Century British art.
Elisabeth Frink died in 1993.


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