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Lucian Freud (b.1922)

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After Chardin
 Lucian Freud 

After Chardin - click to enlarge

After Chardin (small plate)
 Lucian Freud 

After Chardin (small plate) - click to enlarge

After Constable's Elm
 Lucian Freud 

After Constable's Elm - click to enlarge

Girl with Fuzzy Hair
 Lucian Freud 
 new edition 

Girl with Fuzzy Hair - click to enlarge

Head of an Irishman
 Lucian Freud 

Head of an Irishman - click to enlarge

Mujer rubia
 Lucian Freud 

Mujer rubia - click to enlarge

Mujer rubia
 Lucian Freud 

Mujer rubia - click to enlarge

Solicitor's Head
 Lucian Freud 

Solicitor's Head - click to enlarge

The Couple
 Lucian Freud 

The Couple - click to enlarge

The Painter's Garden
 Lucian Freud 

The Painter's Garden - click to enlarge

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Grandson of Sigmund Freud, Lucian Freud was born in 1922 in Berlin and moved to Britain in 1932. After becoming injured during World War Two Freud concentrated on being an artist. Lucian Freud studied at Central School of Arts and Crafts and East Anglia School of Painting and Drawing.
Considered by many to be the world's greatest living figurative painter Lucian Freud is also a master etcher. His subject matter is often the human form and it is the candour with which he reveals it that gives his work such a powerful and disturbing quality. Craig Hartley refers to Freud as 'a great etcher making uncomfortably powerful and demanding prints.'
Lucian Freud continues to work from his home in London.


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