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Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985)

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Affiche Coucou Bazar
 Jean Dubuffet 

Affiche Coucou Bazar  - click to enlarge

Barbu a Lunettes
 Jean Dubuffet 

Barbu a Lunettes - click to enlarge

Dispositif au Sol
 Jean Dubuffet 

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 Jean Dubuffet 

FAITS MEMORABLES I - click to enlarge

Faits Memorables II
 Jean Dubuffet 

Faits Memorables II - click to enlarge

Grand Palais
 Jean Dubuffet 

Grand Palais - click to enlarge

Homme au Chapeau
 Jean Dubuffet 

Homme au Chapeau - click to enlarge

 Jean Dubuffet 

Immeuble - click to enlarge

L'Enfle-chique III
 Jean Dubuffet 

L'Enfle-chique III - click to enlarge

L'Homme au Chapeau
 Jean Dubuffet 

L'Homme au Chapeau - click to enlarge

Matiere et Memoire : Femme et Son Petit
 Jean Dubuffet 

Matiere et Memoire : Femme et Son Petit - click to enlarge

Presences Fugaces
 Jean Dubuffet 

Presences Fugaces - click to enlarge

Presences Fugaces : Celebrator
 Jean Dubuffet 

Presences Fugaces : Celebrator - click to enlarge

Presences Fugaces : Objector
 Jean Dubuffet 

Presences Fugaces : Objector - click to enlarge

Quatre Personnages
 Jean Dubuffet 

Quatre Personnages - click to enlarge

Samedi Tantot
 Jean Dubuffet 

Samedi Tantot - click to enlarge

 Jean Dubuffet 

Sourire - click to enlarge

Territoire et Paysan
 Jean Dubuffet 

Territoire et Paysan - click to enlarge

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Jean Dubuffet was born July 31, 1901, in Le Havre, France. Despite studying art in his youth, a six month stint at the Académie Julian in Paris Dubuffet didn't commit himself to becoming an artist until 1942.

Dubuffet’s first solo exhibition was held at the Galerie René Drouin, Paris, in 1944. Dubuffet had his first solo show at The Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York in 1947.

From 1951 to 1952, Dubuffet lived in New York. Dubuffet returned to Paris, and the Cercle Volney held a retrospective of Dubuffet's work in 1954. His first museum retrospective occurred in 1957 at the Schloss Morsbroich, Leverkusen. Dubuffet exhibitions were subsequently held at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, in 1960–61; the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Art Institute of Chicago in 1962; Palazzo Grassi, Venice, in 1964; the Tate Gallery, London, and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, in 1966; and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, in 1966–67.

Dubuffet diversified into writing and his Prospectus et tous écrits suivants, was published in 1967, the same year he started his architectural structures. A Dubuffet retrospectives were held at the Akademie der Kunst, Berlin, the Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna, and the Joseph-Haubrichkunsthalle, Cologne, in 1980–81. In 1981, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum marked Dubuffet's 80th birthday with an exhibition. Dubuffet died May 12, 1985, in Paris.


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