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Fernand Leger

Fernand Leger (1881-1955)

Composition a l'arbre


Unique original



Composition a l'arbre




Image Size


12 7/8 in x 9 15/16 in (32.7 cm x 25.3 cm)

Sheet Size


12 7/8 in x 9 15/16 in (32.7 cm x 25.3 cm)



Leger states, "You have to separate the drawing from its colors. This is no illusion, as I have seen it. When I was in New York in 1942, I was impressed by the bright lights of Broadway which sort of painted the streets. You just stand on the street, talking to someone, and suddenly the street turns blue. The color fades, turning into yet another, like yellow. The color of the spotlight is free: it in space." (Stadtische Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Fernand Leger, Dusseldorf 1970). This beautiful piece perfectly exemplifies this separation of color from the drawing. Leger depicts a lovely landscape using delicate lines of India ink. A large, leafless tree looms in front of a quaint house, complete with a picket-like fence. Leger utilizes watercolor, applying blocks of color freely over his drawing and, thereby, separating the drawing from color. The overall affect is reminiscent of a spotlight or streetlight, for certain portions of the composition become illuminated in soft hues of yellow, green, and pink.

Created in 1948, this unique work is hand signed and monogrammed by Fernand Leger (1881 - 1955) in the lower right margin. A photo-expertise by Irene Hansma, Paris, from May 4, 2009 accompanies this work.



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