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Pieter the Elder Brueghel

Pieter the Elder Brueghel (ca. 1525-1569)

Saint Jerome in the Desert


Engraved by Jan and Lucas van Duetecum (after an original drawing by Pieter Bruegel the Elder)



Saint Jerome in the Desert



Engraving (Line)




Image Size


16.9 in x 12.9 in (42.9 cm x 32.7 cm)

Sheet Size


16.9 in x 12.9 in (42.9 cm x 32.7 cm)



Originally created in c. 1555-56, this exquisite landscape print is based on a drawing by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Etched and engraved by Jan and Lucas van Duetecum on Double Eagle watermarked paper [M.244], dating the print to the late 1500s. Inscribed in the lower right: brueghel Inue | h cock excu.

According to N. Orenstein (2001), “Saint Jerome prays under a tree, bent over a book as his lion lazes behind him. The saint has turned his back on a magnificent landscape – hardly a wilderness – occupied by many minute figures and details: travelers, people with carts, a ferry drawn by horses, ships, and such. A mountainside in the middle ground is crowned by a fortress; beyond that a riverscape leads off into the distance. This is one of three prints in the Large Landscapes group with a biblical subject. Here, as with the other examples, it is not clear whether Bruegel’s original intention was to depict a religious theme. The saint seems almost an afterthought, and the figures and the title were no doubt added by the publisher” (p. 125).



This work is in good condition, a bold impression that has been trimmed to the border on all sides.



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