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Julian Schnabel
at Frank Fluegel Gallery

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Allen (Cordial Love)
 Julian Schnabel 

Allen (Cordial Love) - click to enlarge

Bandini (His Foe Pursued)
 Julian Schnabel 

Bandini (His Foe Pursued) - click to enlarge

Bill (after short silence then)
 Julian Schnabel 

Bill (after short silence then) - click to enlarge

Guiseppe (Brooding on the vast Abyss)
 Julian Schnabel 

Guiseppe (Brooding on the vast Abyss) - click to enlarge

Happier you are Happier you will be
 Julian Schnabel 

Happier you are Happier you will be - click to enlarge

Jose Luis Ferrer
 Julian Schnabel 

Jose Luis Ferrer - click to enlarge

Nemo Librizzi
 Julian Schnabel 

Nemo Librizzi - click to enlarge

 Julian Schnabel 

Roy - click to enlarge

Victor Hugo Demo
 Julian Schnabel 

Victor Hugo Demo - click to enlarge

Xavier Mascaro
 Julian Schnabel 

Xavier Mascaro - click to enlarge

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