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Valerio Adami (b.1935)
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Oltiero Oltieri
 Valerio Adami 

Oltiero Oltieri - click to enlarge

Reclining in the Sun
 Valerio Adami 

Reclining in the Sun - click to enlarge

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Valerio Adami is an Italian painter and printmaker. Adami is a world renowned exponent of Pop art and one of the few continental artists to receive critical acclaim in this genre of contemporary art.
Valerio Adami trained at the Brera in Milan, he has worked in both London and Paris. Originally, an abstract artist, Adami gradually shifted to figuration.

Adami's most characteristic work, generally resembles comic strips, with solid outlines and flat coloring. Occasionally, Adami's work also borders on Surrealism.


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