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Richard Serra (b.1939)
at www.kunzt.gallery

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Ballast I
 Richard Serra 

Ballast I - click to enlarge

Ballast II
 Richard Serra 

Ballast II - click to enlarge

Ballast III
 Richard Serra 

Ballast III - click to enlarge

Between the Torus and the Sphere III
 Richard Serra 

Between the Torus and the Sphere III - click to enlarge

Bight #4, Richard Se
 Richard Serra 

Bight #4, Richard Se - click to enlarge

Double Transversal
 Richard Serra 

Double Transversal - click to enlarge

Out-of-round X
 Richard Serra 

Out-of-round X - click to enlarge

Path And Edges #13
 Richard Serra 

Path And Edges #13 - click to enlarge

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