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Marino Marini (1901-1980)
at The White House Gallery

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 Marino Marini 

Ballerino - click to enlarge

Cavaliere e Cavallo
 Marino Marini 

Cavaliere e Cavallo - click to enlarge

Chevaux et Cavaliers V
 Marino Marini 

Chevaux et Cavaliers V - click to enlarge

Dancer II
 Marino Marini 

Dancer II - click to enlarge

From Shakespeare II, Plate III
 Marino Marini 

From Shakespeare II, Plate III - click to enlarge

From Shakespeare II, VIII
 Marino Marini 

From Shakespeare II, VIII - click to enlarge

 Marino Marini 

Harlequin - click to enlarge

Il Profondo I - The Deep I
 Marino Marini 

Il Profondo I - The Deep I - click to enlarge

 Marino Marini 

Jugglers - click to enlarge

La Soppresa
 Marino Marini 

La Soppresa - click to enlarge

Shakespeare II, I
 Marino Marini 

Shakespeare II, I - click to enlarge

Untitled, from Goethe Series
 Marino Marini 

Untitled, from Goethe Series - click to enlarge

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Born in Pistoia in 1901 Marion Marini attended the Academia di Belle Arte in Florence. Marini moved to Milan and taught sculpture and he won the Grand Prize for sculpture at the Rome Quadriennale in 1935. After a time in Switzerland Marino Marini returned to Milan in 1946. In 1950 Marini had a one man exhibition at the Curt Valentin Gallery in New York. Two years later Marino Marini won the Grand Prize for scuplture at the Venice Biennale. Marini had two main themes, the horse and rider which allowed him to explore interdependence between man and nature. At the end of the second world war Marini's work changed. He carried on working with the equestrian theme but his work now conveyed a sense of tragedy. Marino Marini died in 1980.


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