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Anthony Gross (1905-1984)

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Daphnis, Menalcas and Goathearde
 Anthony Gross 

Daphnis, Menalcas and Goathearde - click to enlarge

King Hiero
 Anthony Gross 

King Hiero - click to enlarge

Landscape with Dogs and Pigeons
 Anthony Gross 

Landscape with Dogs and Pigeons - click to enlarge

Large Juniper Forest
 Anthony Gross 

Large Juniper Forest - click to enlarge

Neteheard Scorned
 Anthony Gross 

Neteheard Scorned - click to enlarge

Polyphemus Fretting
 Anthony Gross 

Polyphemus Fretting - click to enlarge

The Twelve Virgins
 Anthony Gross 

The Twelve Virgins - click to enlarge

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