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Sir Terry Frost (1915-2003)
at Georgia Stoneman

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Delighted from SS set
 Sir Terry Frost 

Delighted from SS set - click to enlarge

Double Quay
 Sir Terry Frost 

Double Quay - click to enlarge

Green, Yellow and Black
 Sir Terry Frost 

Green, Yellow and Black - click to enlarge

Laced Sun from SS set
 Sir Terry Frost 

Laced Sun from SS set - click to enlarge

Madonna from SS set
 Sir Terry Frost 

Madonna from SS set - click to enlarge

Orchard Tambourine A
 Sir Terry Frost 

Orchard Tambourine A - click to enlarge

PZ & SS from SS set
 Sir Terry Frost 

PZ & SS from SS set - click to enlarge

Slumber Black
 Sir Terry Frost 

Slumber Black - click to enlarge

SS from SS set
 Sir Terry Frost 

SS from SS set - click to enlarge

Sun Tree
 Sir Terry Frost 

Sun Tree - click to enlarge

Three Graces
 Sir Terry Frost 

Three Graces - click to enlarge

Timberaine A
 Sir Terry Frost 

Timberaine A - click to enlarge

Timberaine G
 Sir Terry Frost 

Timberaine G - click to enlarge

Timberaine I
 Sir Terry Frost 

Timberaine I - click to enlarge

Timberaine J
 Sir Terry Frost 

Timberaine J - click to enlarge

Trewellard Sun
 Sir Terry Frost 

Trewellard Sun - click to enlarge

Two Models
 Sir Terry Frost 

Two Models - click to enlarge

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Terry Frost was widely recognised as one of the leading British abstract artists of his generation.
Born in Leamington Spa in 1915 Terry Frost discovered his talent for painting as a Prisoner of War in the Second World War.
After returning to England Frost attended Camberwell School of Art. He went on to teach at the Bath Academy of Art, Leeds University and Newcastle University before being appointed Professor of Painting at the University of Reading. In 1992 Terry frost was elected to the Royal Academy and, in 1998 he was knighted for his services to art.
Terry Frost's career as an artist spanned six decades and his work is held in museums and galleries worldwide. In Britain these include the Tate Gallery, the Victoria and Albert and the British Museum.
In 2000 the Royal Academy staged a major retrospective of Frost's work to coincide with his 85th birthday.
Terry Frost died in 2003.


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