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H. Claude Pissarro (b.1935)
at Stern Pissarro Gallery

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 H. Claude Pissarro 

Arromanches - click to enlarge

 H. Claude Pissarro 

Cow - click to enlarge

L'Eglise de St. Come
 H. Claude Pissarro 

L'Eglise de St. Come - click to enlarge

La Chanteuse
 H. Claude Pissarro 

La Chanteuse - click to enlarge

Les Cabines, Arromanches
 H. Claude Pissarro 

Les Cabines, Arromanches - click to enlarge

Portrait of Frederic Pissarro
 H. Claude Pissarro 

Portrait of Frederic Pissarro - click to enlarge

The Beach, Arromanches
 H. Claude Pissarro 

The Beach, Arromanches - click to enlarge

The Water Tower, Arromanches
 H. Claude Pissarro 

The Water Tower, Arromanches - click to enlarge

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