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Victor Pasmore (1908-1998)
at K Contemporary

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Anxious Moment
 Victor Pasmore 

Anxious Moment - click to enlarge

Burning Water
 Victor Pasmore 

Burning Water - click to enlarge

 Victor Pasmore 

Pulse - click to enlarge

Senza Titulo, 5
 Victor Pasmore 

Senza Titulo, 5 - click to enlarge

Soft is the sound of the ocean
 Victor Pasmore 

Soft is the sound of the ocean - click to enlarge

Two Images
 Victor Pasmore 

Two Images - click to enlarge

Un bel di vedomo
 Victor Pasmore 

Un bel di vedomo - click to enlarge

Uomo e Donna
 Victor Pasmore 

Uomo e Donna - click to enlarge

Vigna Antoniniana
 Victor Pasmore 

Vigna Antoniniana - click to enlarge

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Born in 1908 in Surrey, Victor Pasmore attended evening classes at Central School of Art between 1927 and 1931. Pasmore went on to teach at Camberwell School of Art and Central School of Art before becoming Master of Painting at Durham University.

A major figure in 20th Century art Victor Pasmore turned to abstraction in the 1940's, his work before this being representational. His development into abstraction was descibed by Herbert Read as 'the most revolutionary event in post-war British art'. Pasmore's work is of major importance.

The Tate held major retrospectives of Victor Pasmore's work in both 1965 and 1980 and his work is held in all major collections of modern art.
Victor Pasmore died in 1998.


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